Things to Know About Treating Autism

You can do many things to help a child with ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder to overcome the challenges he is facing. It can include medication as well as physical training. The information provided in this write-up can be helpful for the parents in calming as well as treating their autistic child.

Does exercise help autism?

According to various studies, vigorous exercises for more than 20 minutes can be helpful for kids with autism in decreasing their aggression, stereotypical behaviours, and hyperactivity. Children with autism can be engaged in a better environment with the help of exercises. They can also help them in improving their overall health along with maintaining healthy body weight. The exercises of the full body of the kids with autism can help in increasing their strength, coordination, physical awareness and endurance.

What medications help autism?

Normally non-medical treatments are considered the best for children with autism. But sometimes, to control the symptom of autism certain medication can also be used. Normally three groups of medications are used to help autism. These medications include medications to treat ADHD symptoms, antipsychotic medications and anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications. These medicines do not treat the disorder of autism directly but they are greatly beneficial for autistic children.

How Pilate training courses help autism?

According to various studies, Pilate courses are considered as very helpful physical exercise for autism. It is a low impact exercise that can help in improving the posture, strengthening the body, balance the mobility of joints, and tone up muscles as well as relieve tension and stress of autistic children. Most of the autistic children suffer from pain conditions and postural issues due to a link between hypermobility and autism. According to experts, Pilate training can improve their body awareness, general well being and coordination of the autistic children.

What is the best way to calm an autistic child?

Many things like sound, light, and touch can over stimulate autistic children. They can also become frustrated and overwhelmed by sudden events, like sudden changes in their routine. Autistic children usually have meltdowns because they have to struggle to communicate or understand their ideas. In such a condition, a child with autism may act wildly, scream, respond violently, and/or destroy things. It is important for parents to know how to calm their autistic child as he can get agitated frequently. The best ways to calm down autistic children include:

  • Preventing the cause of meltdowns by communicating with them, distracting their attention and sticking to the routine
  • Use deep pressure to calm down their painful and stressful sensory
  • Using Vestibular Stimulation Exercises like using swinging or rocking motions to balance and sense spatial behaviour.

How much does the autism therapy cost?

According to a recent estimate, $60,000 per year can be the average cost of ABA therapy for treating a child, three years of age, with autism. If he is treated for 4 years, until he starts going to school, his autism treatment may cost up to $240,000 in all.