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Awe in Autism is about celebrating the many ways in which those on the spectrum have given us insight, inspired us, and opened our eyes to different ways of looking at the world. We invite you to explore the site, and to experience the Awe in Autism. The creative works in our gallery, and the people who share their stories here, focus on what is good, what is hopeful, and what is worth celebrating.


author/dad paul nelson’s series of fantasy novels are inspired by his son’s unique perspective 


bEthan turner’s transformative art is nothing short of magical! 

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Paul Nelson’s son Michael motivated his series of young adult/adult fiction books, which have become required reading for Pace University undergrad Special Education students. Read Paul’s story, check out excerpts from his books, and watch a video interview.

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Read, watch, and be amazed at what this inspiring young woman creates! 

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sean sullivan: in his own words . . . 


18-year-old bryce pace is on a mission to create a better world


Thirty-year-old Sean Sullivan of SoCal is on a mission to help others like himself enjoy the same educational benefits as their neurotypical counterparts.

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downloadRead what this young man from Australia wants people to know about autism . . .


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