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Since kindergarten, Emily has known she wanted to change the world — and her older brother, Antonio, ignited her focus: Antonio has Asperger’s, learning disabilities and ADHD.

Emily and a friend at Lemonde4Autism’s Take A Stand Against Autism outreach in Beverly Hills, CA.

Emily’s desire to do something good, her love for her brother, and her favorite drink came together to become Lemonade4Autism, a grassroots fund-raising effort in California in the form of lemonade stands. With the help of her parents, Emily set up her first stand last September. This year she’s been invited by Surfers Healing to set up a stand at their camp, and is slated to be at five other major events where she will raise money through the sale of ice cold lemonade for various autism organizations.

“Emily just wants to inspire other children to donate and see that even little dreams can change the lives of others.”

-Carrie Lopez, mother of 10-year-old Emily

According to Emily’s mom, Carrie Lopez, the stands and the inspiring young girl behind them are attracting attention, including from celebrities Kathy Ireland, Elizabeth Taylor and Holly Peete.

Emily, of course, will not stop at lemonade stands when it comes to helping educate the community about autism. Looking ahead, she hopes to open a community center where families impacted by autism can connect with one another and receive treatment and various therapies. Visit Lemonade4Autism.