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Bloggers Wendy and Butterfly Bailey

Bloggers Wendy and Butterfly Bailey

Blue_morpho_butterflyThat this young woman should have been given the unconventional name of “Butterfly” when she was born is surely some kind of an omen. With suddenly sprouted wings, she’s burst into flight as the author of Musical Notes, a blog in which she analyzes the lyrics to her favorite songs. “Bud,” as she calls herself and is lovingly known by her mom and dad, has important ideas to communicate. Click here to check out her blog.
(Note: Expressive language may be considered offensive by some readers.)

“People see no limits when it comes to increasing our destructive power, but when it comes to doing some good like ending world hunger or creating peace we’ll write it off as impossible.”

-excerpt from one of Butterfly’s music reviews

n677767281_8683Butterfly’s mom, Wendy — who refers to herself on her own blog as “an ol’ lady who lives in the north woods and makes things” — is a champion wordsmith with a sense of humor (and just enough bite in her bark to make the intelligent reader sit up and pay careful attention). Her “north woods” stomping ground is in Ontario, Canada. Following is an abbreviated version of one of Wendy’s blog posts. To read the original, as well as her other posts, visit Wendy’s blog, Raising Butterfly.

She’s a writer!by Wendy Bailey

ButterflyChildAnd how unlikely is that? I’m talking about my daughter, Butterfly. She started out with food allergies and intolerances in childhood which caused behavioural reactions. Though we made dietary adjustments, there were still problems. She was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome, with two learning disabilities: dyscalculia and dysgraphia. (She is a voracious reader, but could never put written word to page.) The food problems continued with leaky gut syndrome in adolescence. More food adjustments were made. Still, imagine my surprise (and delight) when after years of never handing in a writing assignment, she suddenly starts a blog about her consuming interest in music! Moreover, she says she’s going to start another blog that will express some random rants. She is learning to use writing as a catharsis! And I am pickled tink!