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Zachary Oriel

“I want to be an inventor when I grow up, so I was thinking that I could make a bunch of inventions that will help parents with autistic kids.” -Zach Oriel

Being the brother of an autistic kid can be hard work at times, but it’s also really fun. Joshua requires a lot of attention because he needs lots of things, from toys or food to being tickled, to keep him happy. Now, there are times when you don’t have to respond to his every need, but if you ignore it too much it will make him really mad and he could cause some destruction.Which is why me and my mom try to always help him. Although he does cause pain sometimes, he is really fun to have as a brother, he’s constantly laughing, his happy mood and little kid look always makes me happy and there is always something to do with him. Whether it’s pushing him on a swing, saying random, made-up words that are also funny, or playing in his room with toys or on a slide. One of Josh’s many needs is constantly managing the TV for him. He LOVES to watch Blues Clues, so most of the time you just have to play it, then wait until it’s over, then rewind it or change the tape. There are some occasions though, where we need to manage it literally every few seconds.

I want to be an inventor when I grow up, so I was thinking that I could make a bunch of inventions that will help parents with autistic kids. For example, I was going to make an invention for my family, that serves as a butler for Josh. Like I would make software for TVs that is voice activated, and whenever Josh or anybody else says the name of an episode he wants to watch, it will play that episode right away. Now Josh has his own”names” for Blues Clues episodes, that are similar to, but not the same as the actual name, so it would be set to understand things that are similar to the actual title. Another one of my inventions is going to be some sort of force field or barrier. It sounds weird, but I thought I would take a little of every kind of metal in the world and I would mix them together to make a protective barrier for the walls and floor of the house. See, Josh is a really destructive person sometimes, he tends to destroy bits and pieces of the wall or the floor. Also he can pretty much break though ANYTHING! So I would attach that barrier to the walls and the floor, so there would be no way he can break through and destroy anything.

I said earlier that I was going to make a kind of techno-butler for for the TV. The most recent thing I thought of was another kind of butler, but that does everything else – he wouldn’t be real so I don’t have to pay him (hahaha!), but he would be made of all those metals I used for the barrier. That way he could get food for him, push him on the swing, and do almost anything else he wants. Mostly take him for French fries whenever he asks for them. You may already know, but if you don’t, Joshua lives for French fries. He literally has a very bad disposition when he doesn’t get the French fries he asks for. So that way he would always have the fries he wants. That butler could also take him anywhere he wants, anytime. Recently, Josh has been asking constantly to either go on a boat or a train. With that butler he could go on trains and boats all day long. Although, I would have the mechanical butler build a mechanical boat and a mechanical train so I don’t have to pay for the rides. (muwahaha). I really love Josh, and I will always do anything to help him, which includes making things!

Zach’s mom, Sarah, writes about both boys on her blog, Planet Josh.