Elektronik Sigara - ukash

Sam Creech

Sam Creech

“For me, Dylan’s life is an amazing experience in itself, an experience most people won’t have. I think most folks couldn’t begin to imagine what a mind like Dylan’s is like, how he thinks, how he reacts emotionally, and how he views the world around him. From an artistic perspective, I feel like exploring that type of mind through poetry, and art has such great potential for powerful and beautiful statements. As a young poet, the world of Dylan was simply too fascinating for me to not be inspired by it. Beyond the artistic exploration of autism, the poem is also simply an ode to a brother of mine who I love.”



by Sam Creech

up in the little box where
the drafts swelled tightly
rays peaked through the triangles
that couldn’t be reached,
you wanted to be alone
couldn’t tell what i was thinking
but i was just glad to see you
framing my doorway again—
it was like
the moment we first met

flew across the field
as frozen grass
wilted and fell because you,
with a yelp and a cry, saw something
the rest of us didn’t

figures crawled all over you
that researched reviewed reported,
didn’t understand right from wrong
didn’t understand what you
knew all along

always have been blinded
from what’s really inside
but by god i swear,
little brother, you deserve