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Russell Lehmann

Russell Lehmann

russel-poetThough Russell has been writing his poems for only a short time, there is no question that he thinks poetically. On his blog, Autistic Poet, he describes his early childhood as tumultuous. Unable to function in school, and having been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder and depression, he was 12 before he received a diagnosis of autism. Poetry, says Russell, is one of his “triumphs.” He explains: “I found that it is a great way for me to express my emotions, especially when I am depressed.”

Edward Hopper, famous American painter, once commented, “If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” We at Awe in Autism think that statement speaks worlds about the works featured in our gallery – particularly those created by individuals on the autism spectrum. Russell’s poetry — an example of which is featured here — gives voice to his deepest thoughts and feelings, spread out in full color like a painting on canvas. Take a few minutes to step into his world.

“One way I like to define myself living with autism is that I’m closed on the outside, and open on the inside. I may come across as not listening or paying attention, but trust me, I am”

-Russell Lehmann

Mr. Halley

by Russell Lehmann

1692 is when that blasphemous buffoon
Revealed the dwellings of man’s mind
A song of sorrow tune

In hollow earth his thoughts aren’t welcome
I put forth fire on my everlasting
Souls that were in tombs

He shall not last in man’s own head
For their psyches reside with me
And slumber in my bed

My home, he thought, is bright as day
He knew not it is the flames
Feeding on likes of him for play

The expanding air of my own singed lives
Releases to the world above
Making for the glacial lights

Dare not his ideas flow
Through the river of the blood
Ensuing to the float to those unbeknownst

Down! Down! I’ll come to pluck him from the sky
21 grams smothered in a fire
So hot the blaze will cry

Soon, not enough, he will accompany me
Into my dear bed
Filled with minds – temper free

Hesitance not taken to his own wit’s dying out
It is his time to be tucked in
No more spews from his shriveled spout

Invincible in future times of the past and present
I shall remain the captor of all thoughts
Mr. Halley, you will learn your lesson


Copyright ©2011 Russell Lehmann
Ed. Note: Edmond Halley was an English astronomer, geophysicist, mathematician, and meteorologist recognized for computing the orbit of Halley’s comet, which later took his name. In 1692, Halley proposed a theory that the Earth was hollow.