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Mayra Ron

Mayra Ron

can-you-see-mecrazy-womenart-possibilitiesAuthor of two books about autism, painter, poet and founder of Art Possibilities – a non-profit organization aimed creating jobs for teenagers and adults – there isn’t much that Mayra Ron doesn’t do. Most of it she does because of her son Christian, who has autism.

For the first 17 years of Christian’s life, Mayra raised him as a single mom, and like many of you who are reading this, she’s known her share of tears and frustration. Her hope for parents, says Mayra, is to “Give the good fight … believe in what your gut tells you about your son or daughter. No one but you knows him or her best. Love them, and let them know every minute of the day that you love them.”

“The poem I have chosen here,” says Mayra, “has nothing to do with having a son with autism, or its pain. It is about art and being an artist without a diagnostic or a label.” Yet she recognizes the parallel, and notes that, like art, “our offspring should be seen and recognized as artists in their own right!”

“You are an extremely needed and important person, and with that revelation you welcome the bold, real, and “crazy’ you that is still in your loins, waiting to get out. What is life for, other than to give it?”

-Mayra Ron

I Am Art

by Mayra Ron

I am art
Don’t you see it?

It’s all over me
It covers my clothes … as odd as they are
It shields my brassiere … ? … for I use none
It protects my feet … Rarer specimens of shoes you have never seen
It wraps my hair in a henna red as a striking eye binding red rosen air

For I am art
Love me…
Understand me…
Do not judge me just … See me…

I am art
I never go unnoticed
My hair, my clothes … My shoes scream attention
Yet I plead for none … believe me
I am just art

I am just art
Naturally…Without pretention
So please do not shy away … Pretend to not notice me
Or scream at me as if I needed your redemption

I am art
Tis all
I am what I am
You do not like me?
That’s okay
I am art
And I need no acceptance