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Freelance Writer Matt O’Keefe

In his own words, this young man discusses his surprising self-discovery and how he’s channeled it into a personal success story . . . 

How MLC Has Helped ME

My name’s Matt O’Keefe. I’m a freelance writer who started his career at a vocational school for young adults with Matt O'Keefe smallerlearning differences. I have Asperger’s (and anxiety, and depression, and OCD…) but I didn’t attend Minnesota Life College as a student. I guess I’m considered “high-functioning” because I was able to graduate from the University of Minnesota, with a major in English and a minor in Mass Communications. On my search for marketing internships I came across a job ad posted by MLC. 


” I explained my findings to some of my co-workers at MLC, and they didn’t  seem too surprised . . .”


What’s funny is that I wasn’t really aware I was on the spectrum (thought there were hints) until I had been working at Minnesota Life College for a couple of months. Reading through the guides and manuals MLC provides its students and families for copy-editing purposes was what tuned me into what I had and who I was, for which I am eternally grateful.


I explained my findings to some of my co-workers at MLC, and they didn’t seem too surprised. I think they wanted me to figure out my diagnosis on my own instead of drilling it into me. But once I told them my bonds, especially with my direct superiors, grew even stronger. I became an asset not just because of the skills I had developed in college but also as someone who could directly relate to the experiences of the students. That led to me getting a job as a writer for their blog.


That wasn’t the end, though! After I’d worked as a Multimedia Writer for MLC for a couple months, I parlayed that experience into more freelance assignments and clients. I now make my money working from home, writing about all sorts of topics for all sorts of different publications and websites. That wouldn’t have been possible without MLC embracing me for who I was and am and directing me on what I know now is the perfect career path for me. They did so much for me and I wasn’t even a student! So, if you’re considering enrolling yourself or a loved one, just imagine what they’ll be able to do for you.

– Matt O’Keefe