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Violinist/Author Laura Nadine

LauraCROPBorn in Georgia in 1977, Laura Nadine is an accomplished violinist with talents that span the performing arts. She first exhibited an interest in the violin at the age of three. Once she began to play, Laura progressed with unusual speed, demonstrating uncommon talent. Her uncanny ability to play a song after hearing it only once astounded teachers, friends and family.

“Without music, my world would be still, lifeless; like an object folded in a black, woolen blanket. Somehow, the mystery of music inside me has promulgated me into a brilliant world of color and beauty. Music and I, we are the same.” -Laura Nadine 

Laura exhibited unusual characteristics from early childhood, including eating her food in a particular order, and later, using “professor-like” language, though sometimes, she says, “in the wrong places.” By high school, though she was socially isolated, she exhibited uncommon intellectual acumen. It wasn’t until she was 26 years old, when her own son was diagnosed with Asperger’s, that Laura finally learned what made her different from most of the people she knew.


The first of Laura’s two published books

Laura, who is also trained in dance, has gone on to earn two Georgia State titles for her outstanding musical performances, and has been featured at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, as well as at numerous public venues. She says, “Despite all the problems Asperger’s has brought, I still view it as a gift. I am able to hear music in everything I see or touch.  People I know have their own special song that plays in my head when I see them.  All children need their mentors, teachers and parents to give them booster rockets to propel them into life.  Aspies… well, we need super power booster rockets  –but once our feet leave the ground, we are natural flyers.”  

Always seeking out new interests, Laura completed her first film project, My Violin Cries, in 2009, serving as director, actor, writer, composer and film editor, as well as performing the entire soundtrack. The film earned an honorable mention in a competition at Agnes Scott College, and was submitted to the Colorado Film Festival. Click here to see the full five-minute feature on IMDB. Click here to hear Laura talk about her inspiration for her film.  

Laura has published two books, I Am Snamuh and Puzzles for Angie, and she speaks publicly on topics related to autism and Asperger’s. Visit her website to learn more.