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Kyle Cousins

Kyle Cousins

Kyle Cousins – “Everybody Wants to be Heard”: Walk Now for Autism Speaks theme song, 2010


“My life with autism has opened the door to new possibilities and opportunities in the music world. The songs “Everybody Wants to be  Heard” and “Love Myself” truly sum up all that I’ve been through. My journey has taken me from being an outcast to a place now where I really feel good about myself and know that others respect me for my talent.”

-Kyle Cousins

Kyle Cousins is emerging as an extremely talented singer/songwriter since the release of his first full album, titled Spectrum, in 2009. The title not only refers to the autism spectrum, but also describes the wide variety of original music and lyrics he creates and performs, singing lead and back-up vocals as well as playing the keyboards. Kyle has also written and recorded songs for a proposed HBO pilot, as well as the 2010 film Born to be a Star.

Kyle was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder at the age of  2½; his songs draw on his life experiences with autism and have provided an avenue for him to effectively communicate the feelings that would otherwise be difficult for him.  From losing all his language as a young child to becoming the consummate performer onstage, Kyle’s success speaks to the years of hard work on the part of his family, schools, therapists, and — most especially — Kyle himself. Kyle now considers his autism to be a strength.

Kyle’s song featured on this page, “Everybody Wants to be Heard,” was chosen as this year’s theme song for Autism Speaks’ annual Walk Now for Autism event.

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