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Music has the power to inspire, to calm, to excite… to capture the entire range of human emotions, with or without words. To read the story behind our signature song, “For Dylan,” and watch the music video visit The Awe in Autism Project. 



singer/songwriter noah jack

“I always tell people I learned how to sing before I was able to talk,” says Noah. Read his story and listen to his incredible music . . .  

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poet/rapper russell lehmann

This young man with autism writes poetry and prose, and has recently added rap performances to his repertoire. But Russell’s rap lyrics have an unusual — and critically important — message. Listen and learn more here!

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Violinist/Author Laura Nadine

Born in Georgia in 1977, Laura Nadine is an accomplished violinist with talents that span the performing arts. She first exhibited an interest in the violin at the age of three. Once she began to play, Laura progressed with unusual speed, demonstrating uncommon talent. Her uncanny ability to play a song after hearing it only once astounded teachers, friends and family.

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Vocalist/Musician Michael Korins

Diagnosed with autism at age three, Michael Korins has struggled in just about every area of his life — except one: music. Michael has perfect pitch, is an accomplished vocalist, and also plays the piano.

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Musician/Songwriter Brian MacDonald

Brian was just 19 when he created this music video that epitomizes the awe in autism. He used his gift of music to help his sister, Claire move through the phases of her day. The song and the video have been a tremendous inspiration for her. 

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  Brian Mcdonald

Sing SOS (Songs of the Spectrum)

This wonderful project brings together some great new talent, as well as many recognized recording artists (Jackson Browne and Marshall Crenshaw, to name just a couple), in support of the autism community. It all started with a handful of lyrics scrawled down on paper during a train ride.

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  SOS Thumb

Marlene Sotelo

Marlene Sotelo has the voice of an angel – and a heart to match. A music therapist, she is certified as both a behavior analyst and special education teacher, and holds an Ed.D. in Special Education from Nova Southeastern University. Marlene has devoted not only her talent, but also her exceptional intellectual ability, to making the world a better place for those on the autism spectrum.

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Music Speaks Autism

Michelle and Dale have been teaching Suzuki Violin for 15 years. Parents of three sons, two with autism, they co-direct the Community Suzuki Music School in Chapel Hill, NC, where they specialize in the instruction of children on the spectrum. Their program, Music Speaks Autism, is the nation’s first instrumental music education program combining aspects of the Suzuki Method, ABA and DIR.

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Kyle Cousins

Kyle Cousins is an extremely talented singer/songwriter who has earned praise since the release of his first full album, Spectrum, in 2009. The title not only refers to the autism spectrum, but also describes the wide variety of original music and lyrics Kyle creates and performs, singing lead and back-up vocals as well as playing the keyboards.

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