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Awe_Matt and Carolina (1)Matt Fuller and Carolina Groppa began doing research 18 months ago to understand a particular challenge faced by adults with autism —adults who, like all of us, want to love and be loved.

The two independent filmmakers, based in Los Angeles, have followed 12 people with autism — four individuals and four couples — as they look for romantic love and try to hold on to it.  Matt and Carolina’s documentary, Autism in Love, is a beautiful, compelling and important work-in-progress. 

Carolina, born in Brazil, always had an interest in film and pursued the discipline in college. While she still performs, these days her focus is behind the scenes. She’s recently produced several award-winning short films, and is excited to tackle her first feature-length production. What drives Carolina is the desire to tell powerful stories that capture distinctive human voices.

the participants in our documentary bravely show us time and time again 
that deep, meaningful connections are not only desired, but they
’re possible.”


Carolina says: 

“Ever since we embarked on a journey to explore what romantic relationships look like for those with autism, our goal was always to hear directly from those with autism — not parents or professionals. Six months into the process, we’ve been fortunate to capture incredible stories, from people looking for love to couples at different stages of their relationships. Despite the inherent challenges of the autism label, those in our documentary bravely show us, time and time again, that deep, meaningful connections are not only desired, but that they’re possible.”

 Matt, who started his own production company while still in high school, has a lifelong history of using his talent to effect positive change. He previously worked as a creative executive for MBST Entertainment before deciding to focus his time and energy directing.  

Matt says:

“As I spend time capturing these individuals falling in love, being in love, I return to a fundamental principle: love requires honesty and vulnerability. When people are told all their lives they’re different it’s even more difficult for them to expose themselves in the ways romantic connection requires. But regardless of the labels others give us, if we can stay in touch with that, love will truly conquer all.”

Sydney Edmond, first featured on Awe in Autism in 2010, is one of those appearing in Autism in Love.  Sydney is a wonderful poet who communicates strictly using letterboards. She’s also a beautiful young woman who has this to say about the film:

“I want the people eagerly watching Autism in Love to know all people want love in their lives. Wanting to give love, and hopefully receive love, is human, and aren’t we human beings, after all?” 

As Matt and Carolina continue to raise funds to complete Autism in Love, they do it with utmost gratitude. “Every day,” says Carolina, “we are thankful to be part of something greater than ourselves. This documentary matters to a lot of people, and that’s what drives us work extremely hard. We can’t wait to share this documentary with you, and with the world. Until 2014, help us spread the word. Connect with us!”