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Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire

Born in London in 1974, Stephen was diagnosed with autism at age three. As a child, he had no speech; attempts at communication were only sounds and murmurs. Today, the Stephen Wiltshire Gallery in the Royal Opera Arcade in London is a permanent exhibit of his wonderful drawings. Stephen’s impact has been so pervasive that in 2006 Queen Elizabeth II named him a Member of the Order of British Empire in recognition of his contribution for services to the art world.

Stephen’s talent for drawing detailed depictions of cities, buildings, and a vast array of scenes from his life and travels, is distinctive. He has the ability to reproduce lifelike detail, even with only brief exposure to a scene. His work has been the subject of several television programs and books, and he has published five books of his own. Read below, and see a fascinating video of Stephen creating his artwork…

Taxis in Traffic Manhattan Skyline from Top of Empire State - oil on canvas London Routemaster Bus at the Strand 1970 Dodge Polara Convertible
Cable Car in San Francisco

Please visit Stephen’s gallery to see his collection and to learn more about this fascinating and inspiring artist. His drawings, as well as his books, may be purchased on the site. Our sincere thanks to the Stephen Wiltshire Gallery for providing these images.

More about Stephen Wiltshire’s Unusual Talent …

It was after being sent to Queensmill School in London at age five that Stephen demonstrated a keen interest in art. Seeing his passion for drawing gave his teachers an idea: they speculated that perhaps if they took away the materials he used, Stephen might be motivated to speak in an attempt to reclaim them. The teachers’ hopes were not disappointed; after a few unintelligible sounds, Steven clearly told them what was on his mind: “paper.” After that first word, his vocabulary continued to increase, and by the time he was nine years old, he was fully verbal.

Watch Stephen draw a panorama of New York City …