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Kevin Hosseini

Kevin Hosseini

Kevin HosseiniKevin was diagnosed with an ASD at age four, and at 15, with schizo-affective disorder. Now 16, Kevin began painting in 2003 when he was nine years old. Painting has allowed Kevin to develop confidence and to express himself, first through watercolors, and now, primarily in oil paintings. He likes to use natural elements, such as sticks and dirt in his paintings.

“I like to paint wide open spaces in the middle of nowhere.”


Kevin has won numerous awards for his art, which has been on display in governmental and nonprofit offices in Santa Barbara and Sacramento, California. Currently, 55 of his paintings are also on display at the Koegel UCSB Autism Clinic, and his work is featured on the covers of the Normal Films documentary ARTS (2009) and the book Raising Brandon: Creating a Path to Independence for Your Adult “Kid” with Autism & Special Needs. Two of his paintings are part of the traveling East Coast show Don’t Dis the Ability.

Kevin’s art is also included in two books on art and autism released in 2009, along with the just-published Artism: The Art of Autism. The author is someone with a very special interest in Kevin — his mom, Debbie Hosseini. It features 55 artists with autism from around the world, including two previously featured on Awe in Autism, Shawn Belanger and Christian Early. Other featured artists include Donna Williams, Temple Grandin, Jonathan Lerman, Gregory Blackstock, along with many more.

“Art has given Kevin a way of communicating that others can relate to. It has given him a sense of self-esteem and accomplishment and opened up many opportunities.”

–Debbie Hosseini

“Kevin went into a depression at age 14, and the only thing he continued to do on a regular basis was paint,” says Debbie. “He painted probably 75 paintings in six months. One day, he kind of woke up and looked around the art studio like he noticed it for the first time. All his paintings were on the walls. He said, ‘Mom, I really like this place. I like the paintings.’ It was as if he was seeing them for the first time. Painting has given him a sense of continuity through some difficult times.”

“The reason why I like to paint is I like to paint pictures of cityscapes and landscapes. It gives me happiness to see my pictures after I finish them. I like to paint big paintings and I like texture.”


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Visit Kevin’s website.
To purchase Kevin’s art contact Debbie Hosseini at (805) 220-6460 or email hosseini58@cox.net.
Visit the website for Debbie Hosseini’s book, Artism: The Art of Autism.
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