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Author/ Pediatrician/Mother Dr. May Ng

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Dr. May Ng, a native Malaysian who lives and practices medicine in the UK, has just published A Journey With Brendan: Life With a Child with Autism, by a Mother and Paediatrician. Among her many credentials, Dr. Ng holds dual accreditation in general paediatrics and paediatric endocrinology and diabetes, and has published over 120 scientific publications. Based on her years of research and the experience of raising her son with autism, Dr. Ng’s book offers a unique and valuable perspective. Along with her personal story, she includes resources and practical tips at the end of each chapter, with an information section at the end of the book.


“I often felt the conflict between being a doctor-researcher – looking for evidence for a treatment or approach – and a mother – willing to try anything that might help, however unlikely it sounded,” she says. “We never stopped pushing the boundaries for Brendan. Anything we taught him took much, much longer than it would for a child who did not have autism and we had to find depths of patience and perseverance we didn’t know were possible.” – May Ng


Excerpt From A Journey With Brendan


“After the meeting with Jane, I rushed out to buy new toys, hoping that the problem had been Brendan’s lack of familiarity with tea sets and dolls. Until then we had bought him ‘boys’ toys – trucks and trains. He had never seen a miniature tea set before. Concerned that we had been too gender-biased in what we gave him, I bought a tiny tea set, plus a few other more ‘girlie’ items he had ignored when Jane offered them to him – dolls with doll’s hairbrushes and clothing with the intention of teaching him imaginary play such as brushing a doll’s hair with a hairbrush or having a doll’s tea party. For the next few weeks I was on a mission to teach my little son how to play with these new toys appropriately. But despite my best efforts Brendan was never interested. He loved his trucks, but not because they were ‘boys’ toys. He didn’t play imaginary games with them; he simply liked to spin their wheels, over and over and over again.”


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