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Our Mission

The mission of Awe in Autism is to provide inspiration and encouragement to those impacted by autism, including individuals who are on the spectrum as well as those who care for/work with people (children or adults) who have autism. Our primary vehicle for accomplishing this mission is through our website, which features a gallery of original works of art, music, literature, poetry, photography and video created (or inspired) by individuals with autism; our secondary vehicle is an ongoing series of live arts exhibitions featuring such works.

Our Purpose
Our website is aimed at addressing a critical need within the autism community for shared, positive experiences by:

  1. providing a forum where the creative works of those on the spectrum, and others impacted by autism, can be enjoyed by the public
  2. providing an opportunity for those with autism, who, because they are affected by social and communication impairments to varying degrees, are often thwarted in their attempts to see their own creative works showcased
  3. providing a venue where parents and other caregivers can share success stories about their children (including adult children) on the spectrum
  4. offering a forum for parents of younger children with autism to hear from of adults on the spectrum, and vice versa, so that each has the opportunity to gain valuable insight
  5. providing a counterpoint to numerous existing websites that primarily support fundraising initiatives and/or specific treatments, which, though many offer valuable information, can add to the pressure and confusion experienced by parents of children recently diagnosed with autism
  6. providing a real-life opportunity, through our live exhibitions, for artists on the spectrum to gain additional exposure for their work, to interact publicly, to offer works for sale, and to enjoy the experience of being applauded for their successes

We believe there is a critical need to bring together people who represent various perspectives on autism; regardless of differing views about causes, treatments and potential cure, we all share the same fundamental concerns. For this reason, Awe in Autism does not advocate for any particular individual or group, nor any specific treatments or therapies. It is our sole purpose to serve as a source of encouragement and inspiration to all who visit our site.

One in 88 … and One in a Million!

The latest figures tell us that approximately one in every 88 children today is on the autism spectrum. The numbers are alarming, and can no longer be ignored — everyone is impacted by autism. The vast range of manifestations lumped together to define this “spectrum” makes it difficult to characterize autism from any one perspective. Those more severely affected experience tremendous difficulties adapting to a “neurotypical” world (if such a thing really exists); yet many people with autism not only adapt, but embrace their autistic characteristics.

Yes, the numbers tell us that one in 88 children experiences the world through the window of autism; but despite the challenges, let’s celebrate the value and uniqueness of every child, every individual — each of whom is, truly, one in a million.