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Read what this young man from Australia wants people to know about autism . . .

Hi I’m Bryce, an 18 year old who lives in a small coastal city in Australia called Warrnambool. I amdownload trying to open minds to the truth of what autism is from my perspective as an autistic secondary school student. I believe the best way to gain acceptance is by educating people about what autism really is. Many people assume autism is exactly like what they see on T.V or on the news even though those stories mostly focus on the negative side of autism. Instead of focusing on the negatives I tell people my strengths such as my sense of smell.

This year I began to tell my story in hopes to inspire others to do the same, and in doing so I have had articles in The Warrnambool Standard (my local newspaper), Connect and the ‘I CAN’ Network website. None of these articles use my story to tell people of the negatives of autism, they focus on the strengths.  They tell people how strong we can be and what we can achieve with support and encouragement. I was lucky when I was younger as I had the support I needed from my mother who gave up her spare time to teach me what my primary school neglected to. I now advocate for future generations as I want all autistic students to get the same quality education as everyone else.

There is one quote I go back to as it relates to what I am doing “Try and leave this world a little better than you found it” that was written in the last letter from Lord Robert Baden Powell the founder of the Scouts to all the boy scouts. I am not telling my story to make me feel better, I am using it as a tool to educate people about what happens in schools behind closed doors that only a student can describe. If you want to follow me on my Journey to create a better world please have a look at my Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/bryce.pace.autism.advocate/