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Awe in Autism is about celebrating the many ways in which those on the spectrum have given us insight, inspired us, and opened our eyes to different ways of looking at the world. We invite you to explore the site, and to experience the Awe in Autism. The creative works in our gallery, and the people who share their stories here, focus on what is good, what is hopeful, and what is worth celebrating.


ARtist/writer Kimberly gerry-tucker talks about asperger’s & writing


let poet/artist erica milam take you inside her world


After publishing her first book three years ago, Kim recently started a blog — a blog that’s had 16,000 views in the past year. Here, in her essay “What If,” she shares her perspective on being a writer with Asperger’s.

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One of the wonderful things about poetry, about words, is that they carry a beauty of their own; one need not fully grasp their meaning to be deeply moved by them. Whether you’re an incurably poetic soul or just want to explore the mind of a gifted young woman with autism for a moment, let these two poems of Erica’s lift you on “rice paper wings.”

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Nicole has been writing her own poetry since age 12 and for the last several years has been recording her poems and blogging, giving readers and listeners keen insight into her mind. Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome as an adult after years of struggling to fit in to the world around her, she considers poetry her native language.

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We welcome submissions from our site visitors, including those on the autism spectrum, parents, teachers, professionals in the field, or anyone who has insight with regard to autism. We feature creative works of all kinds, as well as essays. Please go to our Contact Us page for submission guidelines and additional information.


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